Wohl speisen.....

Main Course

Catfish with Sage on creamy Risotto of red Peppers 26
Skewer of Prawns with Glasnoodle-Salad 28
"Wiener Schnitzel" with Chanterelles-Potato-Salad 26
Roasted Veal`s Liver with Bacon Sauce and Apricots 25
Mangalitzer Pork rolled in Cabbage with Lovagepuree 25
Stuffed Tomato with creamy Pearl-Barley and Yoghurt 19

Wohl beenden ...

A fine selection of cheese with mustard of pear 13


Apricot Dumpling with Vanilla Ice Cream ( 20 min ) 13
Lavender Panna cotta with glazed Cherries 13
Vegan Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Sorbet 14
Stirred White Cheese Ice cream with hot Raspberries and Campari Foam 12