Wohl speisen.....

Main Course

Grilled Fillet of Turbot with Asparagus-Gnocchi 33
Roll of Trout with Yuzusauce and creamy Peas 25
Coq au Vin with crispy Potaoes and Bacon 26
Creamy Ginger-Risotto with Beef Fillet and Sesam 32
Minced Veal filled with Taleggio served with mashed Potatoes and Truffel 26
Ravioli stuffed with Mushrooms on a Radicchio-Sauce 19

Wohl beenden ...

A fine selection of cheese with mustard of pear 12


Moccaparfait on Almondcake 14
Soft French Toast with Figs and Plums-Ice cream 13
Chocolate Panna cotta with Strawberries 13
Stirred Mangosorbet with Lime-Foam 10